About Us

No other sector in the world but the Telecom Industry has witnessed such dynamism and growth since its inception, 150 years ago. The number of multinational companies continuously increased in the market and in 2013 one more player was added to the list. MCS TECHNOLOGIES commenced its operations in Telecom Infrastructure and Solutions in 2013 with an aim to provide services to both, the fixed line and wireless operators. Likewise we have also succeeded in providing solutions to the equipment vendors ,telecom operators & telecom training for professionals

However what has differentiated us from other players is our unmistaken sincerity and success in providing end to end telecom network related services and solutions, encompassing everything from identifying installations sites, setting up systems to post management services. We also provide premium-outsourcing solutions that serve as a productive investment to our clients.

MCS TECHNOLOGIES began with a humble start. Our first assignment required us to install the new RJIL COLO sites for Reliance 4G project in Jharkhand telecom circle. Its successful implementation marked our growth potential and we continue to build our portfolio, which today comprises of a vast clientele globally.

MCS TECHNOLOGIES continues to connect the world 24×7 with an infrastructure that is capable of supporting both wired and wireless services. Infact we were amongst the earliest companies to identify the opportunity in network services arena.

The scope of telecom industry is immense. CRIS Infac believes that the total subscriber base is expected to grow to over 283 million subscribers by the end of 2014-15 while the mobile subscriber base is suspected to grow alone at 32%. The revenue upsurge is equally admirable. From the existing revenue of $ 1.7 trillion, it is expected to swing to $2.2 trillion with the next four years

Armed with the right resources and managerial talent, we are steadily heading in the forefront of Telecommunications Industry.

Mission Vision

MCS TECHNOLOGIES realizes that success is not driven by resources. It’s driven by people who use those resources and create competency.

We operate with a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals. The management strength has been drawn from employing people with relevant domain expertise. The company has significant in-house knowledge to service each and every link of the value chain. We have become a preferred partner of our customers through our ability to deliver projects on time and to their complete satisfaction. To service our clients effectively, we appoint a key account manager for every project, who acts as the single point of contact and co-ordinates the entire project.


To deliver solutions covering the entire value chain of the telecom infrastructure industry
To aid the growth of the industry by providing world-class services
To attract, retain and grow the best talent and capitalize on talent pool
To deliver highest returns to stakeholders through timely delivery and efficient management


“To become a center of excellence in the fields of Design, Communication and related emerging areas in Education, training distribution, Research and development comparable to the best in the world by adhering to the values, ethos, and highest level of quality and by establishing a well defined interlink among the above areas”.